Dylan o’Brien, The Intership

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dear douchebag

NO, I will not be ‘fwb’ with you. That would require me having to see you, which I have no desire to do so. If you even knew me at all, you would also know that I’m not that type of girl. Which you should know me a lot better than you do, considering how long you were a part of my life. You no longer are because I finally realized you were a negative impact on my mind. I was slowly loosing myself while trying to save you, when all you did was push me away. Do not ever tell me that I didn’t love you. I loved you with everything in me and more to the point where it hurt. I saw no one else but you and was 100% committed. Each time you did something to hurt me I lost a little more of my feelings for you, until I didn’t like you at all anymore. You turned me bitter towards you and I hated that. Seeing the type of person you actually are raises the question to why I let you so deep into my life in the first place. It wasn’t easy to cut you out, but after so many times of me trying with you I started not to care. By this time it was just an annoyance I had to rid myself of. I fell out of love with you, and you have no one but yourself to blame for that. I tried my hardest to save us, but you let your stubbornness get the best of you. My life has changed drastically in the past few months in nothing but positive ways. I’ve gotten back to my old self and I’ve never felt better. Now that I don’t care, you want to jump back into my life? Too late. You LET me leave and NEVER came after me. So pardon my French when I tell you to fuck off and leave me alone.

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